JoAnna has a license in clinical social work and addictions counseling with expertise in posttraumatic stress. She has a passion for working with veterans and has used dogs in her therapeutic practice since 2013. After working with dogs informally for several years, she pursued formal certification from Animal Behavior Institute. She completed an extensive certification program to become a Certified Service and Therapy Dog Trainer. She also passed the national examination for knowledge assessment through the Council for Professional Dog Trainers. She strives to advance her understanding of canine behavior through continuing education courses, professional development, and consultation. She is passionate about the human-animal bond and believes that animals can reach us where humans cannot. She has tremendous respect for the intelligence of dogs and has firm beliefs in positive reinforcement training. She takes a positive approach to training and seeks to bridge the communication gaps between dogs and humans.

Mind and Bodhi Therapy

To find out more about JoAnna’s therapy practice, visit her website Mind & Bodhi Therapy.

Bodhi Battalion

JoAnna is committed to working with veterans and dogs, which she enjoys doing through the nonprofit organization she founded in 2015, the Bodhi Battalion.

To find out more about the Bodhi Battalion, please visit their website.