Behavior Modification

If you've landed on this page, chances are your relationship with your dog has gone through a cycle of frustration, destruction, repair, and repeat. We understand the feelings of hopelessness that can arise from behavioral problems.

Ready for a whole new relationship with your dog?

Behavior modification training effectively addresses the frustration and stress that often arise in the relationship between dogs and humans. This type of training stresses the importance of understanding human habits and how they impact the dog’s behavior. By increasing awareness of our patterns and behaviors, we can replace undesirable actions with positive and acceptable ones. As you learn to set boundaries, maintain consistency, and communicate clearly, you’ll notice frustration decreasing, behaviors improving, and an overall enhanced relationship with your canine companion.

Additional info

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Behavioral assessment is required

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We require a clean bill of health from your veterinarian

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Evidence of current
vaccinations is required

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Dogs with a bite history may require additional documentation

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