Group Training and Classes

Group Training Classes provide an excellent opportunity for dogs to learn in a controlled environment while honing their skills. The primary purpose of these sessions is to encourage neutral behavior in the face of new challenges.

Group Training and Classes

The primary purpose of Group Training sessions is to encourage neutral behavior in the face of new challenges. During these classes, puppies and dogs (separated by age) can practice developmentally appropriate obedience skills while dealing with distractions, learning proper socialization and leash manners, and working through their fears. We have designed these classes to expose dogs to new experiences, which can help build their confidence, improve their overall behavior, and set them up for success in real-life situations. By promoting neutrality, positivity, and consistency during high-level distractions and addressing fear, group training classes help dogs develop their skills and become more confident in various situations.

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Classes are conducted appropriately by age and development

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Evidence of current
vaccinations is required

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Brief temperament assessment is conducted prior to beginning class

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We offer basic and advanced group training

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We offer special topic focused group sessions

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