Service Dog Program

A service dog receives specialized training to perform specific tasks to mitigate a documented disability. Service dogs are entitled to public access in most places and are held to the highest standards of behavior and performance. This program is the most time-intensive and costly plan and requires consistency and dedication.

Service Dog Program

Training in our Service Dog Program covers basic and advanced obedience, socialization, behavior expectations for public access, balance in stressful situations, and trained responses to the needs of your specific disability. Upon completion of our program, you will understand federal and state public access laws, be able to manage questions about your service dog, and recognize the benefits and limitations of having a service dog. You will develop a confident, well-behaved dog that is deeply connected to you and can provide a specific service to mitigate your disability.

We are able to conduct a temperament test on any puppy you are considering for this program before you make a purchase.

It is important to note that a large percentage, up to 70%, of dogs who start service dog training do not complete the requirements. Despite undergoing extensive training and evaluation, there are no guarantees that your dog will pass the program. Several factors can hinder a dog from becoming a successful service dog, and there are often unforeseen challenges not related to training.

Additional info

Dog Temperament Testing icon

The first step in the Service Dog Program is a temperament test to evaluate their potential for certification. Your trainer will conduct the assessment prior to your first session

Vaccinations Required icon

Evidence of vaccination is required

Obedience Training icon

Sessions are conducted in individual and in group settings

Checklist icon

The public access assessment is required to complete the program

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